Volunteers are key to our success

The Community of Interbeing is run almost entirely by volunteers.  Work done for the Community need not be a burden.  Voluteering  can be the way we practise and how we promote engaged practice.


Current volunteers needed

Can you help the CoI be more socially engaged?  (Nov 2016)

The Trustees have agreed that we will operate using working groups which have specific and limited tasks.

We are looking for 3-4 volunteers to work together over the next few months to

  • Analyse the results of the engagement survey we ran.  (There were more than 80 responses and there is a lot of wonderful work going on – prison/hospice visiting, mindfulness in schools and work etc.)
  • Contact the active people to find out more.
  • Create material for web pages about the engaged activities that will inspire and support others in becoming more engaged
  • Find people willing to be contact points to support those who would like to find out more

The timescales and time commitment is fairly flexible – a few hrs a week over 3-6 months each for 2-3 people. Good analysis and communications skills are ideal for this team. The Trustees will support this group.

Later it may be possible to actively promote engagement.  However, your commitment over the next few months would be just to achieve these first steps.

To volunteer for this team or offer to be the contact point in one of the areas, or to find out more please contact Mike Bell

Tel:  01223 233200

Email:  mikepbell@btinternet.com

For more information or to apply for any of these vacancies please use our Contact Us form.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work by volunteering.

“I always felt I wanted to give something back as the practice has meant so much to me and literally changed my life.  Volunteering has been a great opportunity to practice with like-minded people and I have made some deep and wonderfully supportive friendships”

CoI volunteer.