Starting and nourishing your practice

Starting your practice

Mindfulness is a practical skill and practising mindfulness is a vital element in its development.  You don’t need any equipment or anyone else to start practising mindfulness.

  • Start to practise some or all of the mindfulness practices on your own. You can start practising right away –  just experiment with bringing the basic practices of enlightened living into your daily life. There are lots of resources that you can access to help you learn about the practice. You might start by looking at the Mindfulness Resources section of our website. 
  • Start to practise with others.  Practising on your own is an excellent start but you will be greatly supported and assisted by practising with others.. You can practise with others in a number of ways:

Wake Up – a special group for young people

For people aged from 18 to 35, there is Wake Up.  You can find out more about Wake Up here and about the Wake Up Sanghas in the UK here

Deepening your practice -The Order of Interbeing

The Order of Interbeing is an international group established  by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1964 for practitioners who have committed to a deeper level of practice.  You can find more information about the Order of Interbeing here.