In-depth Retreats

The UK Dharma Teachers are offering a number of in-depth retreats during 2017 and 2018 to allow practitioners to deepen their understanding of the Plum Village mindfulness path. Each retreat will include:

  • A set text to study beforehand
  • Opportunities to practice with guided meditations, silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating and noble silence
  • The opportunity to learn from others through dharma sharing
  • Dharma talks from UK Dharma Teachers

These in-depth retreats are suitable for those with an understanding of mindfulness and a regular practice; they are not aimed at complete beginners as they will not include instruction of the basic practices.

You are invited to attend these retreats as a series, as each retreat builds upon the previous one and will provide a good overall foundation for understanding Thay’s deeper teachings. However, you are also welcome to join these retreats as a one off where the topic is one that you specifically want to explore.

Retreat 1: Developing Calmness in a Busy World

The topic of the first retreat is Developing Calmness in a Busy World.

We will cover key topics from Thay’s book ‘Being Peace’ including:

  • Recognition of our conditions for Happiness
  • Developing insight into our feelings and perceptions
  • The Three Gems

No dates planned at present.

Retreat 2: Interbeing and Emptiness : The Path to Peace and Liberation

Dates: Friday 16th June 4.30pm to Sunday 18th after lunch

Location:Coldwell Activity Centre, Burnley, Lancs

Cost:  £140

Full details to follow

Retreat 3: Dealing with Difficulties – Transformation and Healing

  • Dates: Sunday 22 to Thursday 26 October 2017
  • Venue: Old Swinford Hospital, Stourbridge.

This new in-depth retreat is now booking. This five day retreat gives us the chance to take time out to identify skilful ways to deal with difficult situations and life conditions supported by the practice and sangha. UK Dharma Teachers Dene Donalds and Vari McLuskie will lead and teach on this retreat, sharing relevant teachings, practices and also examples from their experience to bring the teachings to life.

The retreat will draw on the teachings offered by Thich Nhat Hanh in his book Reconciliation  (healing the inner child) and Transformation and Healing (The Four Establishments of Mindfulness).

For more information and to book a place

Future plans

We hope to offer another in-depth retreat around June 2017 and are planning ahead to provide in-depth retreats in 2018.  Check back on this page.