H&N coverHere and Now is the magazine of the Community of Interbeing which is published three times a year, in March, July and November. Each issue has Dharma talks by Thây and monastics or Dharmacharyas, as well as articles in which our members share experiences and insights from their practice. Here and Now will also keep you well informed about COI news and events, including information on the many retreats available.

Here and now is posted to all COI members as part of their membership. (If you are not already a member you can join here).. You may also receive it if you donate more than £20 per year to the Thich Nhat Hanh UK Action Fund.

Here and Now is produced by the Cut and Paste Sangha and we were very happy to hear that so many of you have found inspiration in recent editions of Here and Now. We would like to share with you a few of the phrases from the emails and letters we have received:

What a joy it has been to read   – engaging and full of interestbeautifully set outa wonderful gift – full of inspiring articles and useful information –  friendly and  accessible  – –the retreat page is especially useful...enriching articlesa big well done!

Send your articles etc, without any special formatting, as attached files to editorhereandnow@gmail.com     Articles may be subject to mindful editing.

Articles can be between 300 and 800 words although longer articles will be considered. Poems can be a maximum of 38 lines including the title and line breaks between stanzas, with each line up to 35 characters including spaces – so longer lines will roll over and count as 2 lines.

Please also share your photos: we all perceive the world around us in our own unique ways and photos help to us share this perception of the world. If you have some photos that you think may be suitable, please consider sending them to us.

Please read the Guidelines for Contributors which we hope you will find useful.

Here and Now Magazine is produced three times a year – great for sharing our practice but not the best way of sharing our news since the printing timetable means some news will always be out of date before it reaches you.  For this reason we have now started a monthly email newsletter, Here and Now e-News to provide current information on retreats and events as well as other news of the UK and global Sangha.  As a member of the COI you receive e-News in addition to your hard copy of Here and Now.