Local meditation groups

What are local groups?

Many of us benefit by having the chance to meditate with others. By joining a group that meets regularly, we meet with like-minded people and are more likely to sustain our practice.

We can enjoy guided meditations, and enjoy, sitting and walking meditations, share a cup of tea and benefit from sharing our experiences of the practice.
Some local groups meet in each other’s houses, some in a more public space.

Locating your nearest group

On the map below you can zoom in to find a group near you.  Click on the coloured spot and contact info will show.  Please contact them for more details of their meetings and activities.

(NB: The locations given on this map are approximate. Please use the address given on the sangha’s entry or check with the sangha exactly where a meeting is taking place.)

Find groups throughout the world.

Search the International listings

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Telephone and Skype sanghas

  • Skype Sangha  Contact: Nick nbrown.mimic@btinternet.com   +44 7717 626360
  • Deep Listening, telephone sangha, Contact: telesangha@gmail.com

Start your own group

If there isn’t a group in your area maybe you’d like to start one – it only takes two people to meet and meditate.  You can find further information on starting and developing your Sangha here..