British strawberry season is in full swing, whether you pick your own or choose from the overflowing selection at your local grocers. 

With fresh strawberries we have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy mindful eating. Before we eat the strawberry we can enjoy the shiny red skin, the small seeds and also its smell and touch.

We can stop to see what is contained in the strawberry and its journey to our hand – the earth, the plant, the bee, the blossom, stardust, rain, sunbeams, the pickers and much more.

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For a moment we can appreciate the miracle that brings a delicious and beautiful strawberry to us. And when we feel ready we can take a bite and really taste the strawberry and feel the chewing – the juice, the textures, the movements – remaining fully present with our strawberry.

In this way we touch real life – not lost in our thoughts, plans and opinions. We can enjoy the taste of summer that a strawberry brings. This is a lovely activity to share with friends and family – young children especially.


Enjoy hearing Thay talk more about mindful eating in the video below.


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