Dharma teacher visiting scheme

Dharma teacher visits for local sanghas

At present sanghas invite a Dharma teacher to visit for days of mindfulness, sangha meetings and local retreats based on personal contact/who they know.  The suggested scheme would help to make all sanghas more aware of the support Dharma Teachers can offer, and to provide a more formal structure for meeting travel expenses and giving dana.

  1. A local Sangha wishing to invite a Dharma Teacher (DT) to facilitate a Day of Mindfulness or a retreat is encouraged to contact a central person (Frank Walsh info (at) coiuk.org) who will disseminate and follow up on their request for DT support. Once a match has been found, all other arrangements will made directly between the sangha contact and the DT.
  2. Frank will consult with the Sangha before a match is made. The local Sangha is asked to pay the whole of the travelling costs to the DT, and contact the Trustees of Community of Interbeing to request reimbursement of half of the travel costs if needed.
  3. Sangha provides overnight accommodation if required (e.g. DT stays with a sangha member).
  4. Dana* offered on the day is given to the DT, who takes what they need and passes any surplus, either to a charity of their choice or to the DT Annual Gathering Fund.

*It is traditional in many Sanghas for members to offer dana (donations) to express gratitude for Dharma teaching. This allows Sangha members to offer what they can afford, rather than being asked for a fixed amount. Some DTs may be in paid work, and may need dana only to cover the balance of their travel costs, some rely on dana to cover some or all of their living expenses, over and beyond their travel costs. Sanghas are asked to take the needs of the teacher into account by suggesting an appropriate range of dana contributions to their members.

The local Sangha may need to ask those attending the DoM for dana to cover the costs of the day (room hire etc.).