In this blog post we will be sharing 3 fun and simple mindfulness activities to do with children.




This exercise is to introduce your children to focusing on the present. Go somewhere quiet and familiar and ask them to strike a “spider” pose with legs and arms stretched out wide – a bit like a spider.

Boy touching bell

Then tell your children to turn on their “spider senses” of smell, hearing, sight, tough and taste. Opening up their awareness to the environment around them.




Calm jars are not only fun to make but by getting children to focus on the swirling glitter settling in the jar it can help relax and refocus their minds.

Here is a short YouTube video showing you how to make these super simple jars.



Pebble meditation is a great way to introduce children to mindfulness, this video guides you through how to do pebble meditation with your children, or you can just use the video.

Firstly you will need to find four pebbles, one for flower, one for mountain, one for water and one for space.

You can go outside and get them to choose the pebbles for themselves.

Then find somewhere comfy and quiet to sit in a circle and mindfully pick up each pebble one at a time focusing on the image and feelings that arise.

Below is the guided meditation and also the words for pebble meditation.

We hope you enjoy it and please let us know how you get on with any of the activities!

Pebble Meditation Words


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