Manual of Practice

The aim of this Manual is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Plum Village teachings and practices.  Many of us have come across some of the teachings either from a retreat or by reading a book.  This manual aims to bring it all into one place.

 It was compiled in the mid 1990s by UK Community of Interbeing members.

You can access this material in three ways:

  • read the files online, you will find navigation on the left of the screen
  • download the files to your computer and read them there
  • download the files and print them off to give you a paper copy

“The art of mindful living is not something restricted to specific forms and meditation techniques. It is intrinsic to our being and is expressed through all our actions at every moment of our lives.

We sit just to enjoy our sitting; we do not sit in order to attain any goal… Each moment of sitting meditation brings us back to life”

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